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Kent State revisited

My daughter is attending Kent State University in the Fall.  The 40th anniversary of the infamous shooting where 4 students were killed by the National Guard was yesterday.  I remember the incident well.  I was in 7th grade and we talked about it at length in school the following day.  

'What's happening here to a few people ain't shit compared to what's happening to the people of the world'

My daughter has a deep understanding of the significance of that fatal day. When we visited the school in November, 2008, she saw and read all of the memorials posted for the victims and all of the detailed descriptions of what actually transpired that day.  

The significance of the event is not lost at the school.  They make a concerted effort to inform all of the incoming students of the tragic history and dark cloud that will always be ingrained in the lore of the state university in Kent, Ohio.  Kent will always be known for this event, even today, 40 years later, and 40 more years from now, where I can see my daughter telling her grandchildren what transpired in Kent on that fateful day in May 1970!

Google vs. the world revisited

One of my last projects I worked on in 2009 was positing an argument/case for not participating in the Google Book Settlement agreement. I thought at the time (or was led to believe) that Google basically went rogue in obtaining as much content on the web as they could without asking permission from the original authors and/or publishers for copyrighted works.  After reading an article from a recent edition of 

I realized (again) that there are always two-sides to every story since the author of the tnr article pointed out that Google’s intention in scanning the content was for the purpose of generating an index.  This contradicted advice I was receiving from a gaggle of lawyers who led me to believe that Google was dead set on distributing whole or even usable copies of the copyrighted works.  

The tnr author is a law professor from Harvard. Can you really trust someone who wears a hat like this?!


My nephew the dancing machine


My nephew recently performed at his school’s talent show and was well received by all in attendance.  The kid is only 6 and there is no doubt he’s got rhythm.  

He told his mother he wants to take hip hop lessons instead of the classes in Chinese he currently takes once a week.  His father is grooming him for his business at an early age.  The boy has other ideas, which when he is old enough, may include being recognized in China (and around the world) as the new Michael Jackson!

Learning the ropes

I am trying to get used to the process of blogging regularly.  I want to include images with each of my blogs and I found a stockhouse called

where free images are available.  I added an image to my first blog but not sure if it is in focus or will publish properly.  Graphics are the way to go to create a following.  You want people to be engaged.  You want people to be interested. It is also good to have http://twitter.com/.  That’ll bring people to my blogging oasis.

I’ll get the hang of this eventually.

My First Blog


Great to get out of the house today to attend my second class at NYU.  Actually took to a bus to NYC so I feigned the feeling of being a commuter again.  Nice to see all the people hustling and bustling to and from wherever they were going in the city.  I have that feeling again, as when I was younger, that I am impervious to all that is around me.  It is not a feeling of invincibility, it it a feeling of invisibility, a true New York state of mind.

I am looking forward to getting back into this type of routine soon.

Mr. Invisible at the beach